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Landscaping Is An Investment, Not An Expense

You need to think about landscaping as an extension of your home.

Most people spend a significant amount of their time in the spring, summer, and fall outside in their yards; whether it is relaxing with the family enjoying some fresh air, or entertaining by the fire pit watching the sunset.

Your yard is somewhere you spend quality personal time,
it’s time to make it a space you love!

How Do You Determine A Landscape Budget?

There is no budget too small or too large. It comes down to your priorities and what you are comfortable spending. 

A good equation to use is…. If you spend 10% of your homes value on landscaping, you can expect to see a 20% increase in the value of your home. For example, if your home’s value is $500,000 and you spend $50,000 on new landscaping, you could expect to sell your home for $600,000 post landscaping project.

Landscaping is an Investment for Commercial Properties too!

If you have a commercial property, apartment complex or rental property, a town center, or golf course, having distinctive well-maintained landscape creates an inviting space for customers to enjoy, and a differentiator from your competitors.

Estimates and Pricing

Unfortunately, providing an estimate isn’t as easy as throwing out a price over the phone. In order to provide accurate estimates, we need to come see the space, take measurements, evaluate if there are any installation constraints etc. 

We are confident the price we quote you, is the price it will be for us to complete the work. There are no hidden fees in our estimates, and what we quote is the final price of the project. That is… unless you decide to change the scope of the project and add on a pergola!

Please understand our material prices can fluctuate considerably throughout season, therefore the estimate we give you is valid for 60 days from the date sent without a commitment. Beyond the 60 days, we will need to send you a new estimate for the project.

This is why when you have made your decision to move forward, it is important to get your deposit in and lock in current pricing.

Payment Options

We accept, checks, digital bank transfers, and have partnered with LightStream for Landscape Financing Options.

To learn more about the LightStream Landscape Financing options, payment plans, or to apply Click Here.

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