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Featured Walkway

Featured Project – Stonework

This project features stone patio work and the landscaping work done by Boulder Landscape & Design. The design work by Kate and Theresa and workmanship on the stone patio by Jorge and Rodolfo. At Boulder Landscape and Design we have talented, artistic stoneworkers whose eye for light, color ... Read More »


Finding Edible Plants in Your Yard - daylily

Announcing the Launch of Our New Website

Just like with any old garden or landscape, we decided it was time for our website to have a redesign. We wanted you to see fresh photos of beautiful Boulder area landscapes and features, read testimonials from fabulous clients, and have a "go-to" place to learn gardening and landscaping tips ... Read More »


Keeping Plants Healthy in the Heat - sprinklers water a lawn

Keeping Plants Healthy in the Heat

Summer Temps are 'Sirius' Business...Help your lawn and gardens beat the heat. The Romans believed that when Sirius - the Dog Star and brightest star in the sky - rose and set with the mid summer sun, it added its heat to our own star and created what are known as the Dog Days of Summer. How can ... Read More »

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Since 1981 we have crafted unique, expressive, ecologically sensitive landscapes for residences, estates and businesses throughout the greater Boulder area (including Boulder, Erie, Hygiene, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Lyons, Marshall, Niwot and Superior).

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